Draws & Words

Astro is a trigger for ideas. Even in a mental block or when I have no ideas to draw, even when I do not have the courage to draw, it is infallible to start with an Astro adventure: I start with a little astronaut floating in space and the ideas begin to flow.

Astro Lost & Found

Astro and the Big Head

In the distance a structure catches your attention, a large metal head on the surface, it seems that the rest of the body is buried in the red sands, the large head does not seem to be hollow. it is full of memories.

A handful of shapes

Travel log: a handful of shapes, unimportant garbage emerges from the ground, its intention is clear. An instant makes the difference between living and dying.

The Beast of Gears

Mechanical beasts graze the savannah, one of them does not move, next to the beast a toolbox. A nut setting so it runs free like the wind.


A new planet, great monoliths towering over the vast plain, someone left them here. It is a garbage dump of monoliths. But I am not alone.

Lost Signal

Perhaps it is a dream, the message is deciphered, it is an invitation, the little red asteroid awaits your arrival.

Stalking Monster

Fear lurks outside, dark and gloomy loneliness lurks.

The Kite

Astro has forgotten where he comes from, he only has clues for the objects that for some reason he still treasures, he does not know their meaning, but it is always fun to discover it.

Lone Rider

A malfunction diverted Astro’s trajectory, we no longer remember his original destination. He now he roams planets, visits them, explores them, remembers them.

The Robot

Strange places, amazing animals, monsters and ruins. Not all as memorable as the giant robot, maybe it needs a bit of encouragement to move.

Lost and Found

Astro’s memories are as strange as a meaningless dream, they can be a children’s story or a nightmare in disguise. A digital painting, a romantic and classic scene in which Astro seems to float uncontrollably. In the future this scene will be as enigmatic as it is now