Draws & Words

Drawing houses is already a strange subject to choose as an artist, it is not a fascination for architecture, there is something else hidden there. After having drawn many scenarios where inhabitable structures are the main character, I have wondered if they really are houses or are they really and by chance a living being, an entity, perhaps biological that for our imaginary of human beings mysteriously resembles houses .

As if taken from a nightmare, disguised as a friendly dream, there seems to be a justification for these living houses, more than horror stories, we can think that, like flowers, and especially carnivorous plants, these living entities have evolved to resemble to a form that is familiar, friendly, welcoming to the human being, a house, a home where you can find refuge, but it is as if you would already suppose a trap. It should be noted that in these pieces there are no human figures interacting with these living houses, if there are traces of civilization, which complement the structures, but where are the humans?

On some distant planet or in the depths of nightmares, the land is inhabited by these living structures, patiently waiting for their next victim.

Or maybe like hermit crabs, some strange animal now lives in there. What else could it be?

The Night of the Living House is a tour of different scenarios where an inhabitable structure has life, either by itself, inside or around it. It is not a creative exercise of the imagination, it is a compilation of the places where you should be careful.

30 unique pieces, Edition 1/1, created one by one, digitally drawn with strokes that resemble the pixel art technique, but with the freedom to be colored as if they were paintings.

The collection is now available via: