Draws & Words

Relato Corto El otro

El Otro

Luego de un largo día de trabajo es hora de regresar a casa, recorriendo las mismas calles como cada noche. El sol ya se ha

Monfa NFT

Night of the Living House

Drawing houses is already a strange subject to choose as an artist, it is not a fascination for architecture, there is something else hidden there.

Monfa NFT

Asteroid Fields Forever

Beyond our time, when our planet became small, it was necessary to go out and find new places to live. Many packed their things and


The Other

After a long day of work, it is time to return home, walking the same streets as every night. The sun has already gone down


Unnamed Collection

This is not a planned collection. My head is full of beautiful things, illuminated colors and shapes, but when I start to create a work,