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Costa Rican-born and Mexico-based designer, illustrator, and digital artist Monfa builds charming, child-like worlds from basic geometric shapes. His series of works illustrating remote, worn, and sometimes seemingly uninhabitable habitats, Monfa creates a lore without clearly drawn characters. In these pieces, the characters are implied by the place they live the same way footprints imply a certain species was here. 


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2021 New York City, USA. DreamVerse Link 

2021 MakersPlace, Thank You Exhibition Link

2018 México FICA 

2012 Costa Rica, Afiches ACNUR DISEÑO HUMANITARIO Link

2011 Costa Rica, Casa Amarilla ACNUR 60 años

2011 España, Festival Platano Rock Link

2010 México, Coca Cola 125 Razones

2008 Costa Rica, UCR, Afiches Jorge Debravo Link


Coffeelance, México. Interview (Spanish) Link

Mucho Hábitat México, Podcast (Spanish)  Link
Revista NOVUM Alemania Revista Impresa. Kunst oder Design? (Monfa, CRI) Link
Coca Cola 125 Reasons to Belive in a Better World. Libro digital e impreso USA Link
Great Idea Petite Typeface China Publicación Impresa. Tipografía Mascaradas by Monfa Link

The Ark Project Argentina Publicación Impresa. Mono Títi Link

Región Canarias España, Link

Boom Boom Prints: Featured Dad Artist Link

Abduzeedo: Link
IdN: Link