Draws & Words

Beyond our time, when our planet became small, it was necessary to go out and find new places to live. Many packed their things and ventured into the unknown, many returned with stories, others did not return. Some found splendid places and majestic views, others just continued to wander through eternity, now only the memories and vestiges of the adventurers remain. This is the story of a handful of them who found their home in floating stones and debris so far away they were forgotten.

The scenes in The Asteroid Field Forever are excerpts from dreams, images that have been etched into the subconscious like postcards of distant places seen far away in an instant through a train window. There is no time to see every detail or know what happens there, just an image, all the stories behind it must be imagined by you.

Like a faded dream, but never forgotten.

Asteroid Field

The need to belong, even in isolation, far from everything but close to others. With the noise, the uncertainty and the imbalance of an uncertain future, there is no north that really matters, nothing is under control, uncertainty and randomness are the laws that govern life in the neighborhood of the asteroid field. Where the sounds merge to create a song, the song of yesterdays.



Is the universe perhaps the great shadow that covers everything, is it just a space in which the light has not entered and that is why it seems terrifying and unknown to us. Entering the depth requires some courage but above all patience, patience to travel the unknown.

An asteroid full of life, fire and heat meets a great black hole sun, the transit is over, the destination is on the other side.



In the end, perhaps it is not about great deeds and infinite journeys to unexplored places, perhaps it just requires a little imagination and dreaming of distant places and fantastic adventures. See the stars through the window and let go and float, float far away.
It’s just a house in the middle of a lake, a starry night and the reflection of the house makes you imagine houses on asteroids and maybe beyond there is an asteroid field forever.



The roots connect you to the past, but sometimes they catch you and won’t let you go. Cutting them is not an option, the life that flows through them is necessary to continue advancing. Perhaps the only direction is to go deeper into the interior of the roots and merge with them to be what we were before.

But what if new life generates new roots? Maybe only then can I reach you on top of an asteroid that travels over violent planets.



The beginning and the end are the same, a cycle of creation and destruction that floats infinitely far From what we were before. A light of hope beckons the strange travelers who wander from galaxy to galaxy.

Until you find the remains of what was once a majestic being and now they are just debris waiting for the end to start again.