Draws & Words

This is not a planned collection. My head is full of beautiful things, illuminated colors and shapes, but when I start to create a work, these things dissolve, darkness invades the desolate landscapes. They are not dark works, but for which there is light there must be darkness.

Esta no es una colección planificada. Mi cabeza está llena de cosas bellas, colores y formas iluminadas, pero cuando empiezo a crear una obra, estas cosas se disuelven, la oscuridad invade los paisajes desolados. No son obras oscuras, pero para las que hay luz tienen que haber tinieblas.

Infinity Rising

Life is remembered as you prefer, a small memory of a couple of wooden boards on a small tree can be a cosmic dream of an infinite rising crosses your castle on a deep universe.


An instant can feel like calm, an instant of beauty in the dark. 
The light defines what is beautiful and what is terrifying. 
Immensity is relative, height is only a measure, majesty is an instant.
Solitude in the Crest
Undressing in the Dark

Open Spaces

A mythical, almost fanciful memory of a fading dream. An instant is imprinted on your retina, the branches fragment the sky. The roots cling to the foundation to exist. Below is death, above the open spaces


In a cold dark land, the Black Fang sinks into the warm sphere, the Rook touches the Sun, the heat charred the wood. The Wind blows aggressively, trying to bring down the Rook, there are no longer memories of what lies below in the Valley.

Dawn Beam

Memories of a world once inhabited by the human race, vestiges that are now part of the landscape, Milestones for explorers returning home. A beacon of light does everything possible to stay upright, illuminating … guiding.
This work will be exhibited in the Dreamverse Gallery. Nov 4, 2021.


I don’t want to tell you what these scenes mean, but there is definitely a story behind it. Just that, a rock, a strange rock floating in the red sky of a distant place.