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Unblocking Strategy

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Although this is not an original idea and it is not even original from the most popular known source from Bryan Eno’s Oblique Strategies, but its existence is appreciated. Unblocking Strategy aims to offer unconventional suggestions to promote creativity and be used as a tool for unblocking.

Unblocking Strategy is focused on the visual creative process taking drawing as its fundamental basis, but just by exchanging the word draw with any other creative action you can help experiment and venture into a more daring process.

You may love and hate strategies, but as long as you put them into practice you will be able to reach intense moments in your creative process, leave the routine and the comfort zone and find new ways to solve problems, create and love what you do. Enjoy and get excited like a child who discovers something new in a fantastic and unknown land that is there for you.

Although you should not see these strategies as a constraint or a shackle, I can assure you that if you convince yourself that you must comply with the strategy that has been assigned to you and do not ignore it, do not press the random button again, you will be able to put your mind to work on fulfilling it and discovering something new. 

I hope you enjoy the creative process.

Finally, I make the clarification that each of the strategies is original and I have not copied, nor have I referenced myself in other sources, more than the general idea mentioned at the beginning and that I also invite you to know. And that at some point in my life I have applied in a strict or similar way at some point of artist’s block, frustration or just for the sake of experimenting and that have helped me create works with results that have satisfied me, which is the goal major.